About the Two Idiots

I'm Mrs. Idiot, and this is a blog about Mr. Idiot and I. We are recently married, recently moved in, and recently learning how to cook like cavemen. And women.
We want to share what it's like to learn to cook and cohabitate with the world, and hopefully our trials, triumphs and tribulations will help some of you who are in this position, or are about to be in this position, or hope to one day be in this position.
Now, let's get this straight, this is primarily a blog about teaching ourselves how to cook for each other. But it's also about how two idiots who went and got married are doing now that we share the same space, the same stuff, and the same kitchen.
Now, a little bit about the Idiots.
Mrs. Idiot
Mrs. Idiot is a recovering college student looking to use her fancy diploma to land herself a paycheck. Attempts so far have been unsuccessful. (Her fancy degree is in journalism and mass comm in case you're a potential employer reading this. Call me!) She is an Arizona desert rat who has recently uprooted herself to the east coast to be with her beloved idiot other half. She enjoys cooking (duh), writing (also duh), Netflix, Cthulhu-inspired fiction, tattoos and bad sci-fi movies.

Mr. Idiot
Mr Idiot is a specialist in the US Army counting down the days until he gets to be a normal citizen again. Halfway there. He is stationed in North Carolina, where our story takes places. He is also an Arizona desert rat who uprooted to the east coast, but for love of country, not love and marriage. He enjoys beating Mrs. Idiot at every video game in existence, cooking (again, duh), unreasonably girly television programming, shooting things, drumming and Dragonball Z.

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